RIM Fuel Cells Patent

RIM Filed Two Patent Applications on Fuel Cells

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RIM Fuel Cells PatentThe Canadian company seems to be piling up on the R&D budget as it filed two more patents to the USPTO. Both applications are related to the fuel cell usage for electronic devices. One patent describes a fuel cell inside the frame. It includes an inlet that allows users to replace the fuel cartridge when necessary. In addition, the fuel cell features a power connector that links the internal electronic components.

As for the other patent application, it’s meant for a fuel cell that’s built into the frame itself. The frame has a hollow space for the fuel cell to be stored and an inlet to insert a new fuel cell. It is likely that years of research and development tasks need to be performed before these new technologies can be implemented properly.

We may see more uses of fuel cells in the smartphone industry in the coming years. Previously, a Massachusetts-based firm called Lilliputian Systems Inc introduced a pocket-sized fuel cell charger that can full charge a smartphone for 10 or 14 times, allowing people to stay connected for two weeks without a wall outlet.

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