LTE Enabled BlackBerry Playbook

RIM Could be Preparing a New LTE-Enabled BlackBerry Playbook

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LTE Enabled BlackBerry PlaybookEver since the release of RIM’s tablet, the BlackBerry Playbook, there have been quite a few of talks about the eventual release of an LTE version. Until now though, the Canadian phone vendor chooses to remain silent. If it wasn’t enough, there weren’t too many rumors that convinced us about RIM developing an LTE version of the tablet. So when leaked images were distributed on the Internet, it came as a surprise to us, especially for fans of BlackBerry devices.  Images of a BlackBerry Playbook have been posted by several websites and it appears to have a SIM card slot. A few weeks ago, there was a small rumor revealing about a remote possibility that a certification for LTE version of Playbook was being submitted to FCC. Finally from the leaked images we see, its existence is nearly confirmed. The million dollar questions would be whether or when it is coming on sale.

As for the leaked image, the photographers seems to want viewers to believe that it is the actual LTE version and to make sure people believe it, he included images of the settings menu that now has the Mobile Network, which wasn’t available on the original Playbook. This could be the right time for RIM to release an LTE-enabled Playbook as more tablets are supporting the capability, including the new iPad. Unfortunately, over the years, RIM has been pursuing a flawed strategy of releasing phone with higher price, outdated design and relatively weaker specs compared to competitors’.

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