Way To Steal User Data Through Smartphone Movements

Researchers Discovered Way To Steal User Data through Smartphone’s Movements

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Way To Steal User Data Through Smartphone MovementsResearchers have discovered a way to stealthily log all the contacts information you dialed, as well as other critical data such as PIN (personal identification number) entered and Social Security ID, by simply monitoring the built-in motion sensor. TapLogger is a proof-of-concept that can masquerade as a free game by challenging users to identify icons. Unknown to the uninformed user, a malware works in the background determining correlation with information gathered from orientation sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer with keys pressed.

Predictions of entered character are sent to a remote computer controlled by the malicious individuals. Last year, a keylogging app called TouchLogger was demonstrated. As always, phone users are advised to only download trusted apps from reputable sources, such as Google Play and AppBrain.

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