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ReadyCase, a Multi-tool Case for iPhone is Released

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Case for iPhoneFinally, we get an iPhone case that is actually useful. The ReadyCase is an overall multi-fictional case for the iPhone that conceals seven important tools inside its svelte design. For example, a built-in headphone clip can keep everything tangle-free and tidy.

The case also supports various iPhone-specific lenses, which enhance photo quality, including fish eye lenses, macro lenses for better close-ups and others. The case will come in silver and black color options, along with bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, serrated blade and standard blade. Use can remove these tools and leave them at home, to prevent problems with airport security.

Manufactured from aerospace-grade composite materials, the case houses numerous functional tools inside its slim, durable design. There’s also a built-in USB drive; 8GB ($40), 16GB ($50), 16GB with lenses set ($60) and 16GB with gold-zinc-plated lens ($150). The case should be useful in any outdoor activities, but it’s unfortunate that ReadyCase doesn’t have a built-in powerbank for increased battery life.

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