Ransomware Is Attacking Android Smartphones

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Ransomware Is Attacking Android SmartphonesThe dreaded message on our smartphones that our device has been infected with a malware may not be true. An even bigger red flag is that when it advises us to install a specialized kind of anti-malware app, built specifically to handle the intrusion. For many years, ransomware distributed through fake antivirus messages are the staple of malware attack among PC users. The fake anti-malware app is in reality a ransomware that locks up the smartphone and prevent users from accessing or using it until some amount of ransom is given to the offender.

Symantec has recently reported that ransomware begins to infiltrate the Android community and the new threat is called Android.Fakedefender. The security firm said that the new malware seems to contain unique characteristics of ransomware, with a fake alert that looks like a legitimate system scan. Once the “anti malware” app is downloaded, it would be impossible for users to do anything with their devices until ransom is paid. The best way to avoid ransomware is by installing apps only from Google Play store.

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