Samsung Qualcomm Form Aanother Wireless Charging Group

Qualcomm and Samsung Form yet another Wireless Charging Group

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Samsung Qualcomm Form Aanother Wireless Charging GroupReports on wireless charging feature have come and gone over the past few years. It never really becomes the promised platform of convenience and ease many had hoped. Theoretically, it is very promising: Put your handset on a special mat, which is plugged into wall outlet and let your smartphone sits elegantly while charging away. So what’s wrong? Apparently there are too many heads in the lab, as each company tries to come up with unique solution. The latest group called A4WP (Alliance for Wireless Power) is backed by Qualcomm, Samsung and Powermat Technologies. It aims to provide a convenient wireless power technology that can be used anywhere and on any mobile device.  As a comparison, the Wireless Power Consortium which has 100 members and formed in 2008, published similar mission statement in its website.

WPC already backs a wireless charging standard called Oi and it is a bit confusing to see that Samsung and Powermat Technologies are currently members of WPC. Past experiences have shown us that too many groups doing the same thing can be bad for the consumers and the industry, due to possible conflict of interests and compatibility issues. Various commercial wireless solutions have been released previously, for example Palm Pre users can get the optional Touchstone wireless charging dock. However, consumers need a one-off charging solution that can work on any device or brand.

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