ProScope Micro Mobile Adds 80x Magnification Capability to the iPhone

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ProScope Micro MobileThe iPhone is known for its versatility and with the ProScope Micro Mobile, it could replace standard microscope used in any lab in schools. The new gizmo is not only suitable for education, but also has quick applications for manufacturing quality control, medical and law enforcement. Even average consumers may have some fun scrutinizing those little beasts that crawls in the bed of carpet.

Thanks to the Edmund professional-level glass optics, the ProScope Micro is capabe of delivering between 20 and 80 times magnification. Its Li-Ion battery is able to provide five hours of operational time, while a LEDs array is used to illuminate the magnified object.

The ProScope Micro is supported by iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 4. Owners of iPad and iPad Mini can also get models compatible with their tablets. Regardless of the model, the accessory costs users $150. Apple fans can get the gadget starting on May 1 at specified stores.

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