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Pre-Registration Page of Instagram for Android is Published

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Instagram for AndroidIn the Android community, Instagram is among the most anticipated iOS apps. The photo sharing service was a smash hit in the smartphone industry, however it is currently only available for devices with an Apple icon on the back. For months now, the developer has been hinting about an Android version of the app and now a pre-registration page has been published for eager Android users. Unfortunately, there’s no word about the actual availability.

The last time the media released major reports on Instagram was when the company showed of the beta version of Instagram for Android in Austin. The company went so far as to promise that Instagram for Android shaped up to better than the original iOS version. Considering the inevitable onrush of new users, the Instagram for Android is a huge milestone for the company. Android now dominates the global smartphone market and it is safe to predict that Instagram users will at least double in number in less than a year after the release.

It’s been nearly two years since the photo-sharing service debuted on the Apple’s App Market and since then, its user base began to skyrocket. Among Android users, expectation for a compatible Instagram app had reached a fever pitch and it’s quite frustrating for some that the company is still offering very few information beyond the dull pre-registration page. To be blunt, Instagram needs to offer an awesome service, anything less would be a disservice to Android users who have been waiting for far too long.

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