Android 4.2

Possible New Features of Android 4.2

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Android 4.2

While only relatively few people already use the Android 4.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich), it is rumored that the Android 4.2 is ready for deployment next month. According to sources, it will arrive with numerous feature enhancements.

  • Improved Customization Center: Customization is always Android’s strong point, which makes it more appealing than close-source platforms like iOS and Windows Phone. The new customization center will allow users to perform numerous system-wide changes, such as launchers, background, language packs, ringtones and others.
  • Project Roadrunner: The earlier Project Butter was aimed to develop a lag-free and snappy platform that can run at 60 fps. Now with the Project Roadrunner, Google is aiming to enhance the overall battery life. Many Android device manufacturers are using quad-core chips and large display, which make the Project Roadrunner more relevant than ever.
  • Enhanced Google Now and Google Play Store: Google Now will have the ability to control the phone’s features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, data, brightness, volume and others. The built-in Google Play feature will include personalized search, better billing options and others.

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