Polytron Introduces Transparent Smartphone Display

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Polytron Transparent Smartphone DisplayMany of us have dreamt of transparent mobile devices and we’ve seen them in various render concepts. Recently, Polytron unveiled a prototype that represents a step towards the right direction. Polytron Technologies has developed a transparent display that’s implemented into this very early model.

However, it’s just a proof-of-concept and it may take quite a while before we see a commercial implementation. Nevertheless, the company said that it will have a fully-functioning model before the end of the year.  Also, the device is not fully transparent as it uses standard battery and microSD card.

Switchable Glass is Polytron’s conductive OLED technology. The display looks cloudy white when the phone is turned off and objects on the display are formed from liquid crystal molecule realignments when turned on. There’s no word when the display will be available for use, but the company is in serious discussions with a number of smartphone manufacturers.

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