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Playbook 2.0 OS Review

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Blackberry Playbook OS 2 0The Playbook OS 2.0 has been released and perhaps, its most sought-after feature is the ability to download and run Android apps. Android, as an open source platform, allows just anyone to employ its related technologies. This move effectively eliminates a nagging problem in Blackberry community; the lack of apps. However, RIM still doesn’t fully implement this feature, as there’s still no section to get recently added Android apps. For the time being users still need to search for the app manually by name.

Another obvious change is the bluish theme and notifications for contacts, calendars and messages are now displayed on the status bar. The new OS also features a one-touch button for power and screen brightness.

Users now get a bigger multitasking preview cards as well as a visible “cross” icon to close an app. The onscreen keyboard now supports predictive text input and for faster input a number row is added above the QWERTY rows.

A very useful and major addition comes to the apps drawer and home screen dock bar, a single apps panel now replaces the non-customizable tabs used in the earlier version.

With the new OS version, all contacts in various accounts, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail and Facebook, are imported automatically. A contact can be viewed in detail, to get information such as shared meetings, common friends and latest social network updates. The font size of a date in the calendar can get larger based on how busy the day will be. The more appointments/meetings you have, the larger the date is.

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