Apple’s Plan to Adopt Nano SIM

Phone Makers Oppose Apple’s Plan to Adopt Nano-SIM

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Apple’s Plan to Adopt Nano SIM Apple actively encourages the use of nano-SIM as a new standard in Europe, however Motorola, RIM and Nokia are not too happy with the idea. Major phone makers are concerned that should the new format be approved, all patents on the new design will be completely under Apple’s control. SIMs are tiny cards issued by carriers to integrate the phone into the network and Apple is using Micro-SIM in its iOS-based devices

Micro-SIM cards are small enough already, but it hasn’t stopped Apple from developing an even smaller version, and it will become a new source of struggle between Apple and other manufacturers as to what the final for SIM standard for the European market would be.

The nano-SIM standard includes the specification for is supporting components such as the smaller tray. Apple is seeking to license the nano-SIM design and its corresponding tray system. If the standard is implemented, it won’t sit well with other manufacturers as they need to make fundamental changes on the existing designs. Nokia is developing is own tray-less SIM design that has a few technical advantages not available on Apple’s solution.

A vote is scheduled next week and there is a possibility that the new format will get preliminary approvals. Apple is strongly backed by many European carriers, while Nokia is currently the largest voting body in ETSI with 92 ballots. Apple is trying to have a bigger influence in the organization by establishing its own voting body; however Nokia questioned iPhone maker’s strategy that involves filling multiple membership registrations to achieve more votes.

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