Microsoft Surface Tablet

Pegatron Will Manufacture Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

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Microsoft Surface TabletMicrosoft has awarded Pegatron, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, the contract for producing Surface tablets. Both versions will be manufactured in the same facility; the Ivy Bridge-powered Windows 8 version will be available for $799 and the Tegra 3-powered version at $599. Microsoft didn’t reveal the exact pricing details earlier this week, but it may use Ultrabook’s pricing as guide. This could also suggest that Microsoft is aiming to compete with Apple’s iPad, but the software giant won’t be able to match the more affordable pricing of non-3G iPad models.

Pegatron is established on 2007 as a subsidiary of Asustek and it was spun off in 2010. Pegatron also manufactures graphic cards, motherboards, netbooks, laptops, game consoles, smartphones, cable modems and set-top boxes. The company has more than 100,000 employees and in 2010, it acquired $18.4 billion of revenue. Pegatron currently produces Asus’ Transformer Prime tablet/netbook hybrid.

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