Palm Smartphone May Soon Return

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Palm-SmartphoneAndroid was still a kind of novelty back in 2009 and the Palm Pre and its webOS operating system actually looked like a good competitor to the Apple iPhone. Unfortunately, something just went awry for the Palm Pre, especially due to the lousy marketing campaign and the lack of apps.As a consequence, the Pre was unable to challenge the domination of the Apple iPhone. Motorola released the DROID on November 2009 instead and the Android-mania was finally initiated.

Alcatel OneTouch has purchased the Palm name from HP and future Palm models could be available from the former. There’s no official announcement about this, but the Palm website have redirected to and this could indicate that something is brewing. We could easily see the “Coming Soon” words along with the usual Palm logo.

USPTO database tells us that the Palm name have been purchased by the Wide Progress Global Limited and the person who worked with the transfer agreement is actually a senior executive from Alcatel OneTouch. We could see the “Smart Move” phrase in the and this is a popular slogan used by Alcatel OneTouch.

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