4G Devices Battery Performance

Owners of 4G Devices Are Dissatisfied with Battery Performance

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4G Devices Battery PerformanceReports shows that poor battery life on some 4G-enabled phones are driving down consumer satisfaction as people are placing higher demand on longer operational time. Lately, battery performance seems to significantly affect consumer ratings; consequently, owner of 4G smartphone are among the least satisfied groups.

Owners of 4G smartphones rated battery performance lower than owners of 3G devices. Past experiences shows that even a slight drop in satisfaction rating can determine whether users remain loyal to a certain brand. Because 4G network are still scarce compared to the 3G infrastructure, 4G-enabled devices require more power when searching for 4G networks. Also, owners of 4G devices talk, text, email and surf more often, which put further demand on the battery.

Phone makers and carriers know that battery is an important factor and they are looking for ways to improve it. Poor battery life may cause disloyalty, high rates of returns and perceived phone problems. Only a quarter of owners of 4G devices is satisfied with battery life and will buy a future model from the same carrier our manufacturer.

As always, the survey shows that Apple ranks high in the consumer satisfaction and it performs well in all essential factors, especially in features and ease of use. Samsung, Apple’s fiercest competitor in the global market and also the closest partner in the manufacturing sector, is only at the fifth place. RIM, once a bright shining star in the smartphone industry is slowly declining into sixth position.

Perhaps, battery life is more important for users than phone manufacturers are willing to believe. This is especially true for new users of smartphones, who are transitioning from feature phones that usually can last for a couple of day with a single charge.

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