Ouya Gaming Console Hands-On Preview

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Ouya Gaming ConsoleThe development version of gaming console, Ouya, has been shipped out to Kickstarter investors last week. The device would be shipped out in March this year for about $99 and unlike other consoles; it’s essentially a crowd-funded project. The company has delivered 1,200 units; which allows investors, experts and game developers to give their initial impressions.

Game developers have tested their titles on the device and minor issues are being reported to the manufacturer. For example, it was reported that the physical controller doesn’t support certain game mechanics. The console doesn’t seem to have a menu button and the controller touchpad isn’t adequately responsive. Being a dev console variant, these early units still have some minor issues that must be ironed out before the final release.

The overall interface is easy to navigate and clean. The web browser looks responsive and it loads up YouTube clips remarkably well. Unfortunately, it takes plenty of time running HD videos and the console seems to have buffering issues.

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