Oppo Find5 X909

Oppo May Be Preparing a Sleek Quad-Core Processor

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Oppo Find5 X909Phone makers in China haven’t had enough with the relentless struggle for grabbing the title as the manufacturer of world’s slimmest smartphone. Oppo has released a ridiculously thin smartphone with some twist; it is the thinnest “quad-core” smartphone in the planet. Unlike the previous Oppo Finder, the Find5 X909 has something going for it other than the marvelous design and it will come with really impressive specs. It features what could be the most powerful mobile processor in the planet, the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor (APQ8064). Throw in a 4.5” display (with full-HD resolution) and 2GB of RAM, we could be seeing a true powerhouse.

The Oppo Find5 X909 is supposed to run Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and boast a 12Mp rear-facing camera, 2Mp front-facing shooter, 16/32GB of onboard storage and 2500mAh battery. Despite its large capacity, the battery could be hard-pressed to provide enough operational time for more than a day. Before starting to get our hopes up too high, the phone hasn’t been confirmed officially by Oppo. Also, like previous Oppo handsets, there’s very little chance for the X909 to venture beyond Eastern parts of Asia.

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