Tizen Meego Devices to Run Android Apps

OpenMobile ACL allows Tizen and Meego Devices to Run Android Apps

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Tizen Meego Devices to Run Android AppsPart of the wonder of Android OS is its open source nature, which allows other operating systems to run Android apps. With the PlayBook OS 2.0, RIM offers the ability to run Android apps compatible with Gingerbread (Android 2.3). Now it looks like, the same functionality will be available to devices running Tizen and Meego, through OpenMobile ACL (App Compatibility Layer). It offers an easy way for phone makers to provide compatibility to hundreds of thousands of Android apps. Google still doesn’t fully condone this practice and it won’t provide an access to Google Play store.

It means Tizen and Meego users need to use 3rd party markets such as Amazon AppStore, GetJar or OpenMobile’s own AppMall.But, in reality it is not always a smooth experience, sometimes Android apps don’t scale well on tablets. Apps for Gingerbread are designed for 4.8” display or smaller and on a 10” display, users are often left with tiny user interface elements as well as equally tiny texts. However, OpenMobile ACL may not offer significant benefits to makers of Tizen and Meego devices; why buy devices running these mobile platforms, if very affordable Android handsets are already available in the market?

Running Android Apps On Tizen

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