OmniVision Release Smartphone Camera Sensors

OmniVision Release Smartphone Camera Sensors Capable of Delivering 16Mp

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OmniVision Release Smartphone Camera SensorsWe can never have enough of megapixels and companies continue to develop various solutions for cameras with higher resolution. A firm called OmniVision released OV16820 and OV1682, two new sensors that can be used for smartphone. These sensors can potentially produce 16Mp images. In addition, both have moved beyond 1080p video recording, with the ability to record 4K videos at 60 fps (frames per second). Users can even record 4608 x 3456 videos at only 30 fps. 1080p video recording also hits 60fps, but the extra sensor area allows for better image stabilization.

To record 4K videos, phone makers need to include a dedicated video encoder, which has the ability to handle a large amount of data and unfortunately, current encoders only support up to 1080p video recording. Also Nokia PureView 808 41Mp still firmly beats OmniaVision sensors in pixel count. There’s no word on how and when these sensors will be used on actual smartphones, but production isn’t due until Q4 2012.

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