OMGPOP Draw Something

OMGPOP “Draw Something” Hits #1 Spot in App Market and Google Play

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OMGPOP Draw SomethingOMGPOP is the latest software development team to spark a craze in the mobile industry. In just six weeks after its release, the app is downloaded for about 30 millions times on Android and iOS devices. Players are given specific keywords and they must draw an object on the device’s screen for social network friends to guess.

The app bags 13 millions of daily active users, making it one of the most played social games in the industry. Zynga have shown some interest with OMGPOP and both companies might already be in talks about a possible acquisition, with the probable asking price of $200 million. Having seen Rovio remains firmly independent and runs the Angry Birds series quite well, Zynga might not want to let another one like it to get away.

Draw Something is genuinely marketed through word of mouth and it appeals both hardcore gamers and non-techies. As a game, Draw Something actually has less gaming component and it incorporates more social elements through sharing experiences and the framework of communication.

It is a hilarious game where no one can become a winner or loser. The game doesn’t have scoreboards and it could appeal to those who don’t habitually put games into their devices. The phenomenon shows that both Google Play (previously Android Market) and Apple’s App market are able to spawn hits created by obscure, independent firms, which could motivate other talented and skilled developers to deliver other excellent apps.

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