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Nvidia Reveals More Details on Kai

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Nvidia KaiBy now, almost everyone has heard about the Nvidia Kai, but it isn’t clear what it actually is. Is it a specific chipset? Is it only tablet-specific? Nvidia offered more details in its blog very recently which can answer most of our basic questions. First off, Nvidia Kai is neither a software platform or is it a specific piece of hardware. It is simply a design reference. Nvidia felt that the current crop of affordable tablets can be improved significantly. Current consumers really have only a couple of options: spend upwards of $350 and get a tablet that offers a vast app ecosystem, solid performance and good user experience or  spend less than that and get weak device with disappointing performance. With this fact in mind, Kai was developed with the intent to deliver the powerhouse performance of the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core solution to low-priced devices.

Again, Kai is simply a design reference, which is essentially a blueprint that provides the basis for upcoming affordable tablets with an exceptional experience. The design largely refers to 7” tablets with 1024 x 600 resolution with low-cost PC’s RAM. Nvidia also noted that KAI can still be adjusted to work on various display sizes and resolution including 10.1” or higher.

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