Nvidia Kai Tablet

Nvidia Kai Allows You to Get a Quad-Core ICS Tablet for Just $199

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Nvidia Kai TabletNvidia promised months ago that the company will release a chipset so cheap that consumers can buy tablets for $199 at 7-Eleven. For months, the media has been discussing about a Nexus Tablet, which will be priced at just $199 and it could become a reality soon enough. At a recent annual stockholder meeting, the company revealed Kai, a new tablet hardware platform, that allows quad-core tablets to run Android 4.0 and priced at just $199.

Asus previously unveiled a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 tablet called MeMo 370T, which will be priced at $249, but it never came to market. Words are circulating that Google is trying to convince Asus to reduce the price to at just $199 and sell the tablet in the Play Store.

Some of the specs and details may change in the future, but it is unlikely for Nvidia to change the attractive combination of quad-core processor, Ice Cream Sandwich and $199 price point. Perhaps, these Kai tablets will have 7” display, which put them in direct competition with the current leader in 7” arena, the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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