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Nvidia and Asus Dispute Apple’s Claim on the Performance Level of A5X Processor

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Apple A5 ProcessorWhen the 3rd generation iPad was unveiled, Apple provided a graph that showed the Apple A5 and A5X chip triumph convincingly over the quad-core Nvidia Tegra3. It was claimed that the A5 is twice as fast, while the A5X is four times faster than Tegra3. Curiously, Apple didn’t provide enough hard facts like footnotes and benchmarks from independent sources. They merely spouted the generalized claim that they are simply better.  Naturally, many people, especially those from Nvidia question those claims. Many agreed that these claims are sketchy as they don’t come with additional hard evidences. Comparison between processors should include relevant information, such as benchmarking software, drivers and others.

However, at some point it will be clearer what its performance level is and Nvidia is planning to perform a thorough test when the iPad 3 is released on March 16. For now, Apple simply offers a very generic statement. In coming weeks, Nvidia will certainly provide more detailed results.

It is also speculated, the grandiose claim is made to divert attention away from the real nature of the A5X processor. The A5X is a dual-core chip, whereas the Nvidia Tegra3 is a quad-core plus one dedicated GPU chip. So like Nvidia, people want to see how Cupertino could come up with the four times performance claim. However, Nvidia seems to appreciate the fact that Apple uses the Tegra3 as a baseline for comparison. Asus also jumped on the Twitter defending the Nvidia Tegra3, which is currently used in the Asus Transformer Prime, stating that the GPU of Tegra3 should be considered to have 12 cores if Apple’s marketing approach is applied to it.

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