Nuance Nina

Nuance Showcases Nina, A SDK-Equipped Virtual Assistant

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Nuance NinaApple’s talkative assistant has helped us immensely with common tasks such as texting and checking the weather. Now, Nuance is bringing Siri-like capabilities to more apps. A new service called, Nina allows businesses and developers to deliver voice capabilities into their apps, using a SDK (software development kit). Nina is claimed to be the first voice assistant solution with a SDK and it helps specific industries such as retailers. hotels, airlines, banks and others to implement their unique requirements.

Nina is currently aimed at enterprises users and it could eventually take the workload off call center departments.  Nina offers natural-language capability and offers developers a way to integrate into their current apps. During a demo, Nuance showed a mock-up of banking app with integrated Nina-based virtual assistant, which seems to put user experience one step ahead.

Nina is supported by Nuance’s cloud platform, so users need a steady 3G connection to use the service. This may not be acceptable for some businesses as they can’t risk depending entirely on Nuance’s servers for critical operations. Nina also includes a biometric capability, allowing it to recognize the person who talks.

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