NTT DoCoMo Transparent Touchscreen Display

NTT DoCoMo Reveals A Smartphone Prototype with Transparent Touchscreen Display

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NTT DoCoMo Transparent Touchscreen DisplayJapan’s biggest carrier, NTT DoCoMo, revealed a prototype incorporating an innovative transparent touchscreen that can be used from both sides. The technology was jointly developed together by Fujitsu and it will allow users to perform more tasks via the backside of the display thereby offering unobstructed view on the front display. A transparent display could open up plenty of possibilities, such as allowing dual-layer interface and gripping operations.

DoCoMo isn’t the first to tinker with transparent display, though it is the first to use Android for the display, which looks really close being a fully working device. The prototype features a tiny 2.4” display and DoCoMo plans to make it bigger. Unfortunately, the transparent display looks a bit dim, making it hard to view interface elements under strong light. Again, there’s effort to make the screen perform well under direct sunlight.  Smartphones with transparent displays that can be used on both sides should interest many, although it could also simply be a gimmicky tech that wouldn’t see widespread adoption in the market.

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