Nokia’s Upcoming PR 2.0 Update Will Add Significant Photography-Related Features

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Nokia Lumia 920Windows Phone users would be impressed by the camera app found on high-end Android smartphones, with their rich variety of color effects, scene modes and options. Users can use sliders to adjust sharpness, saturation, exposure, contrast and others. There are also other practical features such as Burst Shot and 360 Panoramas.

On the other hand, the choices offered by Windows Phone’s camera app only boils down to basic presets and exposure adjustments. This also applies even for the more camera-centric WP8 handsets, like the Lumia 920.  Fortunately, this is bound to change after Nokia released the PR 2.0 update for its newer Lumia models.

Other than the “double-tap to awake” feature and permanent clock on the lockscreen, users will also get a new Smart Camera Lens app. This would represent a huge boost in photography-related functionality.  The new update is set for release later, perhaps in July.

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