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Nokia’s Chief Designer Said the iPhone is Poorly Designed

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Nokia Windows Phone New UIMany people are saying that Nokia is always in denial about its true position in the highly competitive mobile industry. Today, opponents of Nokia may be having a field day in criticizing Marko Ahtisaari, the chief designer of Nokia for saying the iPhone is a poorly designed device and Finnish company is developing a new device that can blow Apple”s smartphone out of the water. It surely takes a lot of confidence to say a world-leading device as rubbish, while adding Nokia has what it takes to blow the iPhone all away. It was just the other day that the media reported that Nokia is developing its first tablet and the company promised the tablet would be something truly special.

It is unlikely for an experienced executive like Ahtisaari to have a narrow perspective on the industry. Ahtisaari also added that the iOS interface is badly convoluted and it might imply that Nokia’s future design involves more efficient way to reach specific areas of the operating system.

Ahtisaari promised that impressed though users may be with the upcoming Lumia 900, there would be even better device in the near future with its revolutionary and breakthrough technology, suggesting that users might not need to touch the display to operate it.

It is important to note that Ahtisaari was actually interviewed by a Finnish magazine and the news distributed in the media is based on ambiguous translations. Nokia may have a secret weapon up its sleeve that can bring new innovations and show the industry what have gone wrong, on the other hand naysayers may think that Nokia is bonkers and it is only rapidly hurtling itself towards an already inescapable demise.

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