Nokia’s CEO: Android is Not Entirely Open

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Android is Not Entirely OpenStephen Elop was an ex Microsoft employee and it’s quite easy to understand why he decided to tie Nokia’s devices exclusively with Windows Phone OS. While most Nokia’s WP devices haven’t’ gotten enough traction in the market, Elop is still committed to Microsoft’s platform and he even managed to release a remark about competing platforms, Android in particular.

Elop observed that the Android is still facing severe fragmentation despite Android 4.x has unified tablets and smartphones into a single platform. With its open-source nature, people are taking Android in different directions and Google has made the supposedly open ecosystem into something that’s more closed. To minimize fragmentation, Google asked developers not to create a new software developed kit based on the original SDK.

There’s a reason why Elop is getting a bit bitter about Android. Previously, Google decided to terminate support for the Exchange ActiveSync accounts, which are offered natively by Windows Phone devices.

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