Nokia Windows 8 Smartphones

Nokia’s Windows 8 Smartphones will be Codenamed Prodigy and AC/DC

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Nokia Windows 8 SmartphonesNokia and Windows Phone did quite poorly in the United State. Both Nokia and Microsoft hoped that it will change with the release of Lumia 900. Said device was unveiled at CES in January this year; however nobody has yet to hear about its price point and launch date. But Nokia seems to be building a portfolio that reaches many price points.

Sources said that two additional Windows Phone handsets will join AT&T network at the end of this year. A Windows 8 superphone is supposedly codenamed Prodigy, while another is a midrange handset, which will be called AC/DC. There are still no concrete dates, price points and spec sheets; just a couple of names and some vague descriptions.

It would be interesting to know what makes next Windows Phone handsets special. In recent months, we get interesting pictures of phones with dual-core processors, NFC, high resolution display and so forth, but we still don’t know how Microsoft will take advantage of the extra horsepower. Today’s Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” runs admirably on single-core processor and 512MB of RAM.

However, Windows Phone as a community still feels lacking and its Marketplace is generally under-populated. Overall, Windows Phone still feels incomplete. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel bad for Nokia, despite its best efforts; Lumia still can’t adequately compete with Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone families. Rumors on Nokia’s next Windows Phone 8 devices are still floating everywhere that it’s difficult to recommend Nokia’s current Windows Phone lineup. In a year so, they are going to be obsolete.

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