Nokia Will Stop Ordering Mobile Components from Samsung

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Nokia Mobile ComponentsAfter Apple parted with Samsung, it will soon be Nokia’s turn. Sources have tipped us recently that the Finnish company is trying to break away from Samsung due possible conflicts of interest. Nokia’s executives are probably concerned that there will be information leak Samsung’s system to the public. While Nokia stopped short of accusing the South Korean company from peeping, they argued that there’s too little separation between Samsung’s engineering department and the rest of the industry.

It was also mentioned that Samsung sometimes cancelled orders of next-gen components, but they unexpectedly show up in Samsung’s new phone models. Nokia said that Samsung’s OLED panels are essentially stolen from them. With Nokia gearing to leave the South Korean company in the dust, other companies could be considering of doing the same thing.

Apple, Nokia and Samsung are all bitter rivals, so it doesn’t make sense to put so much money in competitor’s pocket. Samsung is currently the largest global phone maker, followed by Nokia in the second place. This decision doesn’t come easily for Apple and Nokia as Samsung is able to churn out quality items effectively and quickly.

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