Nokia Windows 8 Tablet

Nokia will Release a Windows 8 Tablet at the End of the Year

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Nokia Windows 8 TabletMicrosoft and Nokia are preparing for a 10” Windows 8 tablet using a Qualcomm dual-core processor. Nokia and Microsoft alliance has grown to the point that Nokia needs to repeatedly fend off rumors about an acquisition by Microsoft.

Tech journals reported that the rumored tablet would be unveiled officially at Q4 2012. Microsoft hasn’t announced the release date for its new OS, the Windows 8, but it is also expected to arrive late in 2012. The Windows 8 will support ARM-based platforms and it’s optimized for touchscreen devices, using Microsoft’s distinctive Metro interface.

We got the latest glimpse of the new OS in February, when the Consumer Preview was downloaded by millions of users.  However, experts argue that even Microsoft releases the OS earlier; it’s unlikely to have much impact to the mobile industry as Nokia is the only major user of Microsoft’s mobile OS. Given that there won’t be a lot Windows 8 apps available during the launch, it is also unlikely that a Windows 8 tablet will much impact on the holiday season. This could be a repeat of BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad as both only influenced the market slightly when released. Still, many professionals would be interested to try early models, because Windows 8 tablets are believed to be able to run standard desktop applications, an important feature for many businesspeople.

When the Windows 8 finally does make its debut, it will be struggling in the market that’s already seen quad-core Android tablets and the new iPad, as well as the sub-$200 Amazon Kindle Fire.

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