Nokia Lumia 900 New Apps

Nokia Will Deliver a Bundle of New Apps to Lumia 900 Users

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Nokia Lumia 900 New AppsDespite, a few hurdles, Nokia is pushing its Lumia lineup hard by offering new goodies to current users. Users of Lumia 900 will be getting a bundle of official apps from Newsweek, Time, PayPal, AOL Entertainment, PGA Tour, Box and others. Lumia handsets are some of the best selling Windows Phone handsets yet, that said, they are affected by the same problem any Windows Phone device has: The lack of popular apps. Currently, there are less than 100,000 apps in Windows Phone marketplace, far less than apps in Both iTunes App Store and Google Play that reach more than 600,000. Nokia and Microsoft are encouraging third party developers to take a second look to the mobile platform. With such a huge disparity in app availability, users of Windows Phone devices sorely need more app-oriented offers.

To make matters worse, the upcoming release of Windows Phone 8 may put WP7 devices into rapid obsolescence, like what’s happening to current Windows Mobile smartphones. Fewer new apps will become compatible and no more upgrades are released.

Nokia Lumia 900 – Apps and Games

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