Nokia Survey Result Reveals Strong Preference to QWERTY-based Handsets

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Nokia has presented results of a recent customer survey regarding to preferred input methods used on a smartphone. It reveals a rather surprising fact that nearly half of respondents still want a physical keyboard. Touchscreen displays are placed on the second place, which is preferred by nearly 35 percent users, while a few are still inclined to old numeric-based keypad with T9 text recognition.

It appears QWERTY keyboard is an input method by which mobiles users are most familiar with; while touch-based display is wonderful for watching movies and browsing, it is a less than ideal option for typing.

If the poll is accurate, this could represent a major shift for future product development in smartphone industry. BlackBerry is the only smartphone maker that relies significantly on physical QWERTY keyboard, but it is currently struggling to shore up the declining market share. RIM’s failure to maintain its strong position is not necessarily due to lack of interest on QWERTY-based handsets as the company’s touch-only Storm lineup is anything but best seller. Ultimately, we should consider the fact that the survey took place on Nokia’s official website and participants are most likely Nokia customers. Source

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