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Nokia Phi is Spotted Through Benchmark Results

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Nokia PHILatest benchmark results revealed the existence of Nokia’s new smartphone called the “Phi”. Benchmark data shows that the device is running latest Windows Phone 8 build (8.0.9698.0) and other than this, we get only limited details. The Nokia Phi is supposedly to come with a bigger display than the 3.7” screen we get from Lumia 800. It also appears to be heavier and thicker than the Nokia Lumia 800. The phone is said to come with the polycarbonate uni-body and that rules out the possibility of replaceable battery. There are four physical keys on the side of the unit, which are probably two volume control keys, a power button and a camera key. Under the hood, it boasts a speedy dual-core processor and a NFC chip, while the availability of LTE support suggests that the phone will eventually land on US soil.

Obviously, the word “Phi” is just a codename and the phone could eventually be released under a different name.  It is widely speculated that the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone would be officially unveiled on early September at the Nokia World event.

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