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Nokia: Multi-Core Smartphones Are Not That Impressive

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Nvidia Tegra 3While manufacturers of Android devices are struggling to outdo each other with multi-core processors, with the Nvidia Tegra 3 as being the latest, Nokia is still faithful with its single-core solution. The company is betting its fortune on the Microsoft’s mobile platform, the Windows Phone, with its distinctive tile-based interface. Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO criticized multi-core processors as power hogs and many apps still can’t take advantage of the extra cores.

As for today, Windows Phone 7 still doesn’t support multi-core processor. But as Windows Phone 7 is proven to be sufficiently swift and can handle demanding apps with relative ease, Elop is perhaps justified in his skepticism. To further illustrate Nokia’s position, Apple had just released its third generation tablet and it decides to use a similar dual-core processor, while the GPU is upgraded significantly to quad-core.

The Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” is expected to add support for dual-core processor or perhaps even quad-core; the OS will be released at the end of the year. Perhaps by then, Nokia’s position about multi-core smartphones will change. At this moment, dual core processing capability is needed to support demanding tasks such as recording 1080p HD videos.

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