Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 Could be Released on November 4

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Nokia Lumia 920Sources in the mobile industry have been passing various interesting information on the Nokia Lumia 920. The phone will arrive to AT&T’s network and run the much-awaited Windows Phone 8 OS. The phone will be adorned with an array of attractive, bright colors and it’s currently not known whether the phone will be released only for AT&T. Sources state that the smartphone will arrive at AT&T’s stores on November 4, which is consistent with the carrier’s previous releases.

Previously, we heard rumblings that the key date for the phone will be October 21, but this could actually when the device is announced. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t consider this as a confirmed release date until Nokia tells us otherwise. The Windows Phone 8-powered device will be critical to Nokia’s continuing presence in the mobile industry. But unfortunately for the Finnish company, Microsoft has also chosen HTC and Samsung as early manufacturers of Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

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