Nokia Lumia 900 Selling Really Well

Nokia: Lumia 900 is Selling Really Well

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Nokia Lumia 900 Selling Really WellDespite its unimpressive launch and early data connectivity issues, the Lumia 900 is well-received and in some cases, it’s selling out. During Q1 2012, Nokia reported that 2 million Lumia units were sold, mostly low-end models and a Nokia spokesperson claimed that the latest Lumia model is selling really well. Skeptics may easily suspect that Nokia deliberately keep stock low to trigger sell outs and generate favorable reports on the media; however the spokesperson assured that Nokia is manufacturing and shipping their phones constantly to keep stores well supplied.

There’s still no independent reports on how many Lumia 900 handsets are shipped and sold by Nokia; but its market share falls every quarter. The Lumia 900 is generally well-liked by customers; its hardware stands out among other Nokia’s smartphones, the OS feels modern, it supports LTE (4G) and it is available for just $99.

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