Nokia Lumia 800 Battery

Nokia Lumia 800 is Affected with Battery Glitch

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Nokia Lumia 800 BatteryNokia’s latest attempt to maintain its presence in the smartphone industry received an unexpected jolt after the company recently admitted that its flagship model the Lumia 800 is plagued with battery problems. The Finnish company had released two sleek Windows Phone 7.5 devices, earlier this month with much fanfare. The world’s top cellphone manufacturer announced that its latest phone uses battery improperly, which results in more frequent recharges. Nokia believes that the bug is related to the software, not to the battery itself. Apparently, the battery prevents the phone from accessing the full battery capacity. A software update is expected to arrive in early 2012, which will allow Lumia 800 to use the battery at its fullest potential. The company also promises to add other performance enhancements to improve the phone’s value. On some areas, users may contact an official Nokia dealer to get a unit replacement, instead of waiting for the software update.

The problem came to light when a growing number of users complained on social networking services that Lumia 800’s battery has lower capacity than specified after they checked it with the preloaded diagnostic tool.

Nokia even reveals how users can determine whether their units are affected with the glitch. If you own a Lumia 800, dial ##634# to open the diagnostic tool, accept the disclaimer and choose “Battery Status” from the options. Lumia 800 uses BV-5JW, which is rated at 1450mAh, if it reads less than 1000 mAh at full charge, then your handset is affected. Lumia 710 uses a similar software platform, but as for today, no users report the same battery problem.

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