Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610’s Weak Hardware Proves to be a Disappointment

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Nokia Lumia 610The Nokia Lumia series has made some waves across the United States and Europe, but one place that the Finnish phone maker is always keen to dominate is the low-end market. Microsoft released Windows Phone handsets with low specification, including the Lumia 610 with 800MHz single core processor and 256MB of RAM.

But unfortunately, it appears, Skype isn’t the only app that’s having problem with the weak hardware configuration. Reports are coming in that the handset fails to run more apps, such as PES 2012, Tango and Angry Birds. When users browse the Windows Phone marketplace for certain apps, they are greeted by a message saying that the app requires a phone with more RAM.

Microsoft said that only 5 percent of apps in Windows Phone marketplace won’t run on the Lumia 610, but so far, it appears many quality apps refuse to install on the smartphone. Not only that, users are reporting that apps that require intensive caching – such as Nokia Maps and IMDB – are also crashing under load. It may be a minor consolation, but Rovio has announced that it will release apps for devices with 256MB of RAM, including the Nokia Lumia 610.

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