Nokia is Developing Indoor 3D Mapping

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Outdoor mappings are something that we often take for granted, as it’s easily accessible in any smartphone. However, many people depend on the service and they literally can get lost easily without it. Still, there are areas where the service is inaccessible, including indoors. Google and other mapping service providers are still trying to tackle with this issue; however Nokia has shown an impressive system for 3D indoor mapping that could redefine user expectations. The service is based heavily on the Bluetooth 4 used in future mobile devices and once up running, it requires only minimal locator equipments installed on the ceiling. The mapping service is accurate up to 21 cm and it is already sufficiently accurate for locating an object inside a room. Nokia are looking to add this feature on its devices by 2013, however the company still needs to make it complies with current standards such as Bluetooth SIG.

A demo video released by Nokia showed engineers put Bluetooth tag on a drone, which is controlled by a Nokia N9. Another test showed how a helicopter can be tracked accurately in 3D on all axes. While these demos make for some fun presentation, there are many useful applications for 3D indoor mapping, for example stores in a large shopping mall can be located easily from a smartphone and the service can draw a path for the user to follow. There is also a possibility to implement this system for interactive gaming, which require players to move around indoor.

Nokia’s in-door 3D mapping looks Awesome

Nokia shows off an in-door 3D mapping system using a protocol layer on top of Bluetooth 4.0 and it looks pretty good, as it can provide highly-accurate maps inside of venues.

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