Nokia has no Intention to Enter the Tablet Market

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NokiaNokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, stated on Sunday that Nokia doesn’t have an exact plan for an involvement in the tablet industry. After studying the market, Nokia may eventually release a tablet, but not for now. However, Microsoft plans to launch a Windows 8 with tablet-optimized interfaces and services in 2012. If Nokia continues to step up the use of Windows-based platforms on its devices, it is perfectly possible to see a Nokia’s tablet with Windows 8. Nokia is steadily abandoning Symbian and it is unlikely that the company will invest in the development of tablet-optimized Symbian. Nokia recently released a device, powered with Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”, the Lumia 710. Some experts even suggested that Nokia might be better off relinquishing its smartphone division to Microsoft to avoid irreversible financial losses in the future.

Due to stiff competition offered by some tablet manufacturers, iPad is expected to lose some market share in coming years, although it will still retain dominant positions in many countries. Amazon has proven that, a low-cost tablet can be successful in the market and Kindle Fire is definitely a viable solution for many. If Nokia finally decides to expand into the tablet market, its tablet might be timed somewhere in 2013, or even late 2012 if the company moves fast enough. However, Nokia should learn from others’ experiences when many tablets failed miserably, when they were not marketed, designed or priced correctly. Nokia once made a tablet-like device, when very few understood the idea behind tablets. Nokia 7710 was released in 2004, it was a phone with touchscreen display and used in landscape mode. It was powered by Symbian OS v7.0s and users were able to install 3rd party apps.

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