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Nokia Could Release Three Windows Phone 8 Smartphones Next Month

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Nokia Windows PhoneA recent report tells us that Nokia may be planning to unveil three brand new Lumia smartphones running Microsoft’s latest mobile OS version, Windows Phone 8. After cobbling together all leaked details and specs, we can easily come to a conclusion that there are three different upcoming Lumia smartphones, with one of them called the “Nokia Phi”. Microsoft and Nokia will hold a special event on September 5 in New York City and it’s widely expected to be the official unveiling of both the new OS version and Nokia’s first WP8 smartphone.

Previous rumors told us that Nokia Phi will finally sport a multi-core processor and 4.65” HD display. It will also feature NFC, LTE and other common connectivity options. The phone also appears to have a front-facing camera and some soft keys. Nokia seems to ratchet up the suspense by sending a tweet saying that the next generation Lumia is coming and Samsung should take note.

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