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Nokia Bashes iPhone and Android Phones in Video Ads

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Nokia Lumia 900It appears that Nokia’s new strategy is to make Non-Lumia users feel not so smart. New ads released by the Finnish phone maker accused Android and iPhones handsets as being flawed “beta” devices. A series of ads depicts a few people who discussed about the flaws of current smartphones. One video ad demonstrates a phone that’s affected by “death grip” –like problem, an infamous issue on early iPhone 4 that causes significant drop in signal reception when the unit is held at certain positions. Another ad discusses how users find it difficult to use a smartphone’s display in he sun. Yet another ad says that some manufacturers deliberately sell fragile handsets so they can sell new ones to consumers quickly.

The videos ads include a countdown timer for the upcoming Lumia 900, which is scheduled to land on AT&T’s network at April 8. These video ads imply that Nokia is trying to convince current AT&T subscribers to switch to Lumia 900, after the official release. However, as half of mobile phone users in the US market still use OS-less feature phones, Nokia should also try to convert them. For Nokia, stealing away Android and iPhone users is an uphill battle. According to Gartner, a research company, Apple was the world’s biggest smartphone maker in 2011, while Android was the most distributed platform.

Nokia will be getting a huge favor from AT&T as the carrier promised to make the introduction event the largest ever in the company’s history, surpassing even the iPhone’s. Source

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