Nokia 306 Feature Phone Market

Nokia 306 May Bring Smartphone Like Experience to Feature Phone Market

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Nokia 306 Feature Phone Market

While Nokia hasn’t exactly confirmed it, many reports circulated recently that the Finnish phone maker is working on Meltami, a Linux-based based OS. The usual question is when will Meltami handsets hit the stores? Based on leaked information, we might no need to wait for too long. A PDF user manual on an unannounced handset, the Nokia 306, was recently discovered and the phone is likely a part of the Asha family. The Nokia 306 is special because it’s the first full touchscreen in Nokia’s feature phones lineup. The manual reveals that the phone will have support for similar swiped gestures used on Meego devices such as the Nokia N9, Android-style notification bar and pinch to zoom capability.

The 306 would be important for Nokia because it would give the company a better chance to compete in emerging market, which is increasingly being invaded by ultra-cheap, low-end Android devices.  We are talking about smartphones that are priced at $150 or less. Nokia can’t use Symbian because they’re in the process of abandoning the aging OS and they can’t wait for Microsoft to develop a very light flavor of Windows Phone OS for feature phones handsets. Before a horde of Chinese phone manufacturers assaulted the emerging market with their dirt cheap phones, Nokia used to be on pole position in this segment. This would be Nokia’s way of delivering smartphone-like experience to cheaper feature phones, for example, Meltami may allow users to install 3rd party apps and manage hardware.

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