Jelly Bean Features

New Features of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

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Jelly Bean FeaturesGoogle recently revealed Jelly Bean in the I/O event and these are eight new enhancements of the new OS version:

  • Better Performance: Compared to earlier versions, Jelly Bean is better optimized to harness the power of latest multi-core processors.
  • Re-sizable Widgets: Widgets on homescreen are re-sizable and Jelly Bean can also automatically alter a widget’s size to fit with other widgets nearby.
  • More Camera Features: Ice Cream Sandwich added taking pictures while shooting video and a burst mode. Now the Jelly Bean, adds Filmstrip, a finger gesture to delete photos and photos cropping for sharing.
  • Better Onscreen Keyboard: Android has been improved ever since Gingerbread and an internal dictionary in Jelly Bean now provides more accurate word prediction and auto-complete option.
  • Voice Typing: Voice Typing is one of the slickest Jelly Bean’s features. It will dutifully dictate whole page, while adding capitalization and punctuation marks accurately.
  • Better Notification: Android is playing catch-up with iOS 6 in notification center area. Jelly Bean will push thing a bit further that allows more ways to interact with alerts.
  • Voice Search: The feature is simply an extension of Voice Typing. Voice Search essentially uses dictated keywords to perform search.
  • Better Google Play: The Google Play app now features an improved entertainment center. It is now possible to find favorite TV episodes.
  • Google Now: This feature may haunt security experts in coming weeks. Jelly Bean will remember your habits, location and preferences, to ply you with accurate recommendations.

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