New Cases From Amazon May Indicate the Design of HTC One (M9)

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HTC One M9 Amazon has provided us with new pictures of cases for the upcoming HTC One (M9). They should give us an indication on how HTC phone is designed. First, they confirm that the phone will be named HTC One M9 and we could also see where cut-out for the flash and rear-facing camera are located. This should dovetail with the leaked pictures that have been shown recently. These images show us that the front-facing camera is positioned on the middle. Also, the large sensor looks quite similar with the 13Mp super-selfie camera used by the HTC Desire EYE. There are also BoomSound speaker grills, placed at the bottom and top of the phone.

It should be noted that the picture Amazon uses seems to be similar to a photo published from Romania last week and it is claimed to be the HTC One (M9). Unlike other leaked renders, the picture appears similar to the current HTC One (M8) but with a Home button and fingerprint scanner.

So, there’s a possibility that this picture is accurate, because Amazon can be considered a trusted seller. The case is available for $7.99 and it has raised edges to protect the One (M9) if users put the phone screen-side down. For people planning to purchase an accessory of the One (M9) at a great price, they should buy it right now.


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