Mozilla Junior New Browser For The iPad

Mozilla is Developing a New Browser for the iPad

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Mozilla Junior New Browser For The iPadApple is notorious for not allowing non-Webkit browsers on iOS.  Mozilla can’t put Firefox to iOS devices, but it doesn’t stop the company from developing a new Webkit-based browser called Junior. The new browser will eschew standard URL bar and tabs in favor of a new UI style. That’s not to say that Junior won’t support for multiple tabs, but the browser pushed down the priority level of many common browser features in the name of simplicity. Mozilla sees the Junior as an opportunity to experiment, as the current browser design already feels somewhat outdated.

Mozilla may not ship the new browser in the immediate future, as it is still missing some basic features, such as progress indicator and Mozilla is trying to determine which features to implement. Still, it’s refreshing to see that Mozilla is exploring new approach for the iPad platform, than merely trying to port Firefox experience to a Webkit-based version.

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