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Motorola XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2 Review

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Motorola XYBOARDThere were plenty of promises when the original Xoom was launched early this year. However, the early version of Honeycomb proved to be a disappointment and Verizon data plans were available at steep prices. This made Xoom felt less than appealing. Rather than proceeding with next version of Xoom, Motorola tries to reboot its tablet line with two device with a new name XYBOARD 10.1 and XYBOARD 8.2. Both tablet offers nice angular styling, powerful processors and some features that might give you a justification why you need a big-screen tablet.

These new tablets addressed early criticism that plagued XOOM slates. They are easy to grip thanks to the rubber edges and matte finish. The aluminum back feels solid and makes the phone looks durable. The clipped corners make it comfortable to hold the tablet with one hand. The 10.1 tablet is for those who want an alternative to the iPad, while the 8.2 version is a great compromise between 7” tablets and 10.1” tablets. Unfortunately, Motorola refuses to re-position the power button and even decides to make it smaller, perhaps due to design consideration.

Still, the 1280x 800 IPS display is a huge improvement. The resilience to glare, brightness and viewing angles are improved and make the tablet far more fun to use. Games, web pages, still images and videos look clear and crisp. Those who want to get better display should choose Asus’ devices with the IPS+ display, but still, you won’t be disappointed with Motorola’s display.   Both are on sale for $430 (8.2”) and $530 (10.1”) with 2-year contract agreement from Verizon.

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