Motorola Will Release Three More Smartphone Models After the X Phone

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Motorola Smartphone ReleaseQuite a few rumors on the Motorola X Phone have been revealed recently. Google’s mobile hardware subsidiary seems to work rather hard these days to deliver more phones to users. The X Phone is expected to arrive on June or July, but it is reported that three other smartphone models would follow afterwards. As Motorola Mobility and Google have effectively worked together, there’s no clue if these phones are included in the Nexus lineup.

Two of these phone models will be launched in Q3 this year. One of them will be particularly big, perhaps a phablet-sized device with 5” or larger display. Display sizes between 4.3” and 4.9” are usually considered as mid-range these days, while budget phones have 4.3” displays or smaller. The last of the three will be available in Q4 this year and it may be cheaper than the Nexus 4. Surely, we will know more about these devices in coming months.

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