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Motorola Releases an Official Bootloader Unlocking Tool

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Unlock My DeviceUnlock My Device is a bootloader unlocking tool released officially by Motorola for its smartphones and tablet. Although users can currently access only Photon Q 4G LTE, the tool may eventually support other devices. Tech enthusiasts and developers can easily gain administrative privileges or root status with the tool, which may help immensely when experimenting with custom Android builds and apps. It goes without saying that this tool should be used only by advanced users and improper usage may open up a number of new security holes.

Prior to moving deeper into this process, it is recommended to verify that the tool can recognize your device by installing fastboot. Other software packages to install are latest Motorola USB driver and Android SDK. It is also required to sign a warranty waiver and to allow Motorola recognizes your device ID; you need to install ADB and sign up on Motorola’s site.  Motorola has added a new page on its official website to help users through the process and warn them at proper places. Experienced users should find that most of the things explained in the page are quite obvious.

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